Conference and after

Heading home after a wonderful week at the AVA conference in Cairns, QLD. The veterinary profession is so lucky to have so many skilled and knowledgable professionals who are willing and able to share with us updates in veterinary medicine, current techniques in surgery and the latest and greatest in developments in such a broad spectrum of topics.

Listening to Temple Grandin deliver an address on the future of animal welfare and behaviour, Dr BA Rucker on dental radiology and developments in EOTRH and last but not least attending a small group workshop on equine radiology were only some of the highlights.

In the radiology (x-ray) workshop we were able to examine each joint and discuss the range of pathologies that may occur and the likely outcome with treatment (or without!) and the prognosis for long-term soundness.

Such a lot of information crammed into 5 short days sometimes leaves my head reeling.

Making my debut lecture at the AVA Conference was an experience and I have new respect for those who can stand up and present a lecture seemingly with ease. There were more bums on seats than I expected and lots of questions at the end – a sign that the audience weren’t bored to death.

Time to relax after that and a chance to catch up with old friends and solve the worries of the world over a few quite drinks.

Back to reality now, and to face the cold of Canberra after being in tee-shirts and shorts all week in tropical North QLD. See you soon!

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