83BEMVS uses the state-of-the art imaging equipment with our TruDr Lx digital xray system.  This system utilises the latest technology and methods to capture the highest quality diagnostic images, with the detail far superior than conventional film x-rays.  This allows x-rays to be taken on site without the need for transport to a hospital.  Images are captured on a digital plate that incorporates an offset handle (this reduces the amount of radiation exposure).  The plate is connected to a computer and images can be viewed on a laptop within 2 seconds after the image is taken.  This is particularly important if there is concern of a serious fracture, or a bad case of laminitis, and removes the need for stressful and potentially damaging transport of your horse.  It also allows for retakes if the positioning needs altering, resulting in a speedy diagnosis.  The digital x-ray unit is fully mobile, is always with us in the car.  It is no coincidence that the Universities and top equine practices now all have Digital Radiography.

85Clients may be required to assist in the taking of radiographs under direction.  It is important to note that people under the age of 16 years and pregnant women (most importantly in the very early stages of pregnancy) cannot be in the vicinity when the x-ray machine is in operation.  Lead lined gowns, thyroid collars and lead-lined gloves will be supplied to provide the best protection.

Referrals from surrounding practices to take radiographs of patients under their care is also welcomed.