Anwen Lovett, Brierely Performance Horses

Brierely Performance Horses is a boutique dressage training and warmblood stud,  Dr. Olivia James has provided us with all of our veterinary support needs since the veterinary practice was first established.  Olivia provides us with a personalised service which is focussed on the individual health and well being of each of our horses.  The mobile service offers us genuine 24 hour support (including 2.00am visits for mares foaling down), along with access to high quality diagnostic equipment such as digital xrays and ultrasound.  I have appreciated Olivia’s ability to undertake further research and consult with her veterinary colleagues about our more complex cases, this includes being referred on to the best Australian vet centres for specialist services such as MRI and IRAP.  Examples of specific exertise Olivia has demonstrated to us is in broodmare care, foaling down and after birth care for new foals; support for geriatric horses sufferring conditions such as Cushings and physical disability; maintaining the health and soundness of our elite competition dressage horses and dentistry.  They give me the peace of mind that every time I pick the phone to call them, the health and welfare of my horses are at the forefont of Olivia’s mind, I highly recommend the service provided.

Darkmoor Shire Horse Stud

We have been very happy customers of Brindabella Equine for over twelve months now. Olivia has been a fantastic vet. She fits us in quickly and arrives on time. If she has to cancel because of an emergency or is running late, she lets us know.  Olivia is always happy to take our calls and provide advice on the phone if necessary. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our horses are well cared for.  We could not ask for more in a vet and would recommend her to anyone who wants the best possible care for their horses.

Karen Hood, co-founder of charity rescue organisation Heavy Horse Heaven

It’s refreshing to find a vet who is as dedicated and knowledgeable as Olivia.  The hours she works is incredible and her “paddock-side” manner is always pleasant – even in the tough times.   The hands-on way she teaches us about each of our rescues’ problems is invaluable and her compassion in those times of hard decision making is greatly admired.  Such a talented lady with a great manner to boot makes for an awesome vet, combined with an equally fantastic nurse in Meg makes them a hard to beat team!!   Thank you guys – from all of us at Heavy Horse Heaven.

Erin Loudon, Newhaven Performance Horses

Since we first met Olivia when she came out to diagnose a problem with one of our foals we have only ever had positive dealings with her. Olivia is a very attentive vet who always does the best by my horses. She is realistic when it comes to the cost of procedures and the quality of the horse’s life. Olivia is always friendly and informative – if she is not sure of the answers to your questions she will use every avenue possible to quickly get the answers to you. She is very professional and efficient. With her mobile crush and trusty sidekick Meg she can deal with almost anything you throw at her. When ever we have had a major problem with a horse, Olivia will always get in contact within a day or two afterwards to make sure all is going well. For our Thoroughbred and Clydestale breeding businesses we wouldn’t use anyone else.


Sally Bopping

I first met Olivia when she rushed out to treat my horse. It didn’t look good, he’s 23 years old and had managed to take a huge chunk out of his eyeball. We took him out to Olivia’s place for some round-the-clock care. Thanks to her hard work, commitment and tolerance with a not so cooperative patient, my horse is now happily running around the paddock again with both eyes and only a small scar to show for all the drama. I would recommend Olivia as a vet to anyone, the eye injury was not a small one and needed treatments at all hours of the night and day. I was kept up to date the whole time but what impressed me the most was that Olivia looked after my horse that I have had for 18 years as if he was her own.

Rob Cockburn, Robanash Equine Service

Just recently I had a colt castrated by Olivia James from Brindabella Equine Vet Service.  When I booked in the procedure Olivia mentioned to me that she would be performing the castration by using the Henderson method. Completely oblivious to this method I researched it and found that it had merit.   The colt was castrated and he recovered like no other colt I have had done before.  There was no bleeding or swelling.  The now gelding did not miss a beat I was suitably impressed. In future I will be ensuring that this method is used.