The majority of surgeries of the horse can be performed under standing sedation, or under a general anaesthetic in a flat, grassy area.  The portable crush can be utilised to provide excellent restraint and comfort for the patient, and allows for surgical procedures such as lump removals, orofacial surgeries, teeth extraction, eye and eyelid surgeries etc to be safely performed without the need for a general anaesthetic.  This route is often safer, faster and cheaper, without compromising quality of care.  Surgeries that require a general anaesthetic (periosteal strips, castrations etc) can be performed in horses deemed suitable for this procedure.

All of our surgical equipment complies with Australian standards and are sterilised before each use

Intraoperative xrays are also able to be taken with instant results and without a time delay or the need to move the patient.

Surgeries include, but are not limited to; lump excisions, surgical castrations (geldings), wound repairs, eye ablations, tooth extractions, foal periosteal strips and other soft tissue surgeries.

BEMVS utilise the revolutionary Henderson castrators to perform all of our equine and camelid castrations (geldings). This method is faster, has a lower complication rate and causes less bleeding and swelling that than the traditional method of using emasculators.  Clients who have witnessed this type of castration are pleased with the faster surgery and post-operative period, and the decreased amount of aftercare needed.